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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review from Client

I just received a lovely review from one of my new Bastinado Clients. You can read all my reviews on my website HERE

"I was one of the luckiest slaves to get a chance of having a session with Domina V. Dominatrix V is an amazing and caring Goddess. At her presence, You are sure to be in good hands that takes you step by step into an unforgettable BDSM journey towards darkest corners of your fantasies and taking you back to the real world. I extremely enjoyed every minute of our session and cannot wait to be at her feet any time soon!"

Kind regards,

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Brisbane Tour 2016

Well folks I'm at the end of my Gold Coast & Brisbane Tour for August. It's been a really interesting journey from the beginning. I've learnt a few things along the way. All mainly good stuff but also some not so good, but that's all part of the process and it's how you deal with it that makes it so much more interesting. 

Things can't always go according to plan and you have to allow for certain things to take place in order for you to decide which direction you want it to go. 

Thank you to all of you who came to see me for sessions. You were all wonderful, well except for one who tried to #Flyundertheradar......tsk tsk tsk naughty but don't worry I already had my doubts about this one and my instincts are always right. 
I've had an awesome time and I was very well looked after. I want to say thank you to K and C for their warm and friendly hospitality and I'm really looking forward to seeing you both again.

Thank you to Mistress Maeve, Double Domme sessions were fun, relaxed and drama free, thats what you get with two VIRGO Dommes playing side by side.

We got to film one of our sessions so as soon as I get back to Sydney guess what I'll be busy doing? Yep, editing. I have loads to add on YouTube as well so stay tuned for that.

I hope to return to Queensland in September (my birthday month).

Spring is just around the corner and boy do I have loads of clearing out to do before summer. Here's a few photos from my time away.


 On the plane ready for take off

Landed Safely

A celebration moment 

Make up free day

Received lots of cuddles

Trying to get read with this little one on my head. 

Surrounded by Flamingoes

Thank you to Mistress Maeve for letting me use her laptop. 

Bed time for me...that's chocolate in My mouth. 

On the trampoline 

I was well fed with home cooked vegan meals. 

Surrounded by chooks 

Enjoying the sunshine

My last day for Brisbane sessions

I'm hoping to return to Brisbane in September. Hope to see you there. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Touring Brisbane / Gold Coast August 1st - 15th

Hello Dear Followers, admirers and supporters. 

I am happy to announce that I will be starting my first tour of Brisbane & the Gold Coast from August the 1st till 15th. 

I am taking on new Submissives, Slaves, Sissies and Cross dressing clients now for advanced bookings Only. 

Same day bookings are not avaiable as a deposit will be required.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Back from Queensland

Well here I am back in Sydney from my short little trip to Brisbane and Byron Bay. 
I had a nice relaxing time and I managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions in Brisbane.

My first day I was taken out to lunch to a restaurant called Seaduction where I managed an 8 course meal, don't ask me how I managed that, but thankfully they were little servings. The food was Devine and the service was pretty good to. I did take some photos to show you all. (oops I accidentally deleted them from my phone...oh well) But I did manage to find this one.

After, what felt like the longest lunch Ive ever had in my life, I was taken to my hotel at The Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove. I stayed a couple of nights and I have to say that I'm glad it wasn't peak season. This beautiful hotel is so big and I can imagine how busy it would be during summer. Here are a few shots from my visit.

This looked really tempting but it was too chilly for me.

Just waiting for the sun to appear

My Balcony View

Mamma Roo and her Joeys

Caught someone taking a photo of me so I turned my camera on them

This was waiting for me in my room
I even got my very own DVD label bath towels

It was time to unwind and not be disturbed


JM made me a Rose Petal Milk Bath

The next morning  I was pretty hungry and I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the Cove Cafe. Such a wonderful selection of food.....Don't you just luv all you can eat buffets. 

Sadly I didn't get to eat everything I wanted as my wee little belly just couldn't take anymore. So I was nice and full for my next journey though before leaving I caught up with a friend of mine for lunch at SONO Japanese restaurant.

Turning Japanese with my friend Maeve

I didn't manage to eat all mine. I was still too full from Breakfast

 Time to hit the road and letting Slave JM put my shoes on
Slave JM attempting to put my shoes back on

My next trip was to Byron Bay. A lovely little town where I have fond memories of. It was a just what I needed, a little time away from Sydney and boy, it sure did the trick.

Driven to Byron Bay...are we there yet?

Here I am thinking that it was going to be a healthy weekend...yeah right!

Yep....Lucky 13

Bath Time while I wait for my Vegan dinner to arrive

Breakfast time

Always happy when the sun is shining

My second book while away

All Goddesses should get there feet massaged on the beach

And he wasn't bad either

 I took this photo of the heated pool at around 4am....yes I was up that early

Thanks for reading

Monday, 13 June 2016

Saturday 11th late night Session

Late night sessions are really popular. Last Saturday night my new regular visitor, slave feral, came to see me for another round of "Anything Goes". That's right he is up for anything I want. Now I haven't come across someone like this yet since I've been back in Sydney but I'm really happy to have met this one. 

I was well prepared for our session as he had booked in advanced and I was able to bring with me all my wonderful toys and paraphernalia.

So if you're after a no rush, fun kinky experience then book yourself a long session. 1 hour sessions just go so fast as there is only so much you can do in such a short time. I much prefer you book in advance so I can prepare myself and have all my stuff ready, but you can always book a 1 hour Introduction session first and we can take it from there.

After playing for over 3 hours my tummy was grumbling and I was happy to have my Vegan Lamingtons waiting for me.

Sydney sessions Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June

Okay so I'm freezing my little tush off and one way to keep me warm is by using your ass for my enjoyment. I specialise in anal training / play. Using my very elegant fingers to warm you up. Followed by my wonderful collection of vibrating anal toys and if you're lucky enough to have my petite fist inside you then let me take you on a wonderful little journey. 

If this is your first time then rest assure you are in good hands (pun not intended). I am very experienced in the art of Anal Play and yes I know exactly what it feels like, so I know exactly how good it feels and how much enjoyment you will get. 

If you are an experienced Anal Slut then let me push you further and let's explore your limitations and see just how far I can push you. Haha 

All play is under a Safe Sane And Consensual manner. 

I am taking advanced bookings for 
Friday 17th June from 10am till midnight and Saturday 18th from 6pm till late. 

Please Contact me via my website 

Or fill in the Contact form on my blog. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Queensland / Byron Bay Visit June 22nd till 27th

Well it looks like I'll be heading up to Queensland again. The last time I was there was in January 2015 and I'm really looking forward to this visit. 

I'll be in Qld for 1 night only then heading down to Byron till the 27th. 

If you would like to see me please contact me via my website or fill in the Contact form on this blog.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Latest blog post for June 2016

Hello dear readers, followers and supporters. Well here I am all wrapped up and keeping warm. This is my first Aussie winter since returning back to Oz  and I can't remember it being this cold. I hate the cold and I can't believe I survived the European winter for 8 years, but then again I pretty much had the central heating on all year round. I much prefer the hot weather, I seem to be much happier and I function better in the heat. The cold just makes everything painful, including people.  

I'm really missing my English friends as well as all my UK and international clients. So I'm starting from scratch again, meeting new people and working out a routine that works for me. 

Its been 6 months since I arrived, and where did that time go? I still cannot believe I'm back as I had been home sick for a really long time. If I'm having a bad day I always think about where I am and what I have achieved and how lucky I have been.

When I was young my mother always use to call me a little ''Gitana'' (hee-ta-na) that's Gypsy In Spanish. Back then the only gypsies I knew were the ones I use to watch on television with their crystal balls and magical looking caravans. I use love watching these old movies. My whole adult life I have felt like a little gypsy, moving from one place to the other. I cannot believe the amount of times I have moved houses, locations, countries and even jobs.
I see friends have all settled, got married had kids and some even divorced. They buy a house a few cars here and there have another child, you know all that normal stuff. I've dipped my toes into that style of living many times, and many times I have left it. I have to say I'm pretty comfortable with what I have right now, it's all good. I'm planning to stay single for a very long time. Right now I'm just focusing on building my little world up. Getting things into motion, meeting people and getting some great advice. So far so good. 

Hopefully in the next few months there will be some new and exciting news for me to tell you all about. But right now it's head down working away like a busy little bee.

I have been doing a little filming as well so I'm slowly getting back to doing more video editing for my Clips 4 Sale site as well as You Tube. So be patient, I'll eventually get round to it.

I'm also planning on a little Aussie trip soon, and No I cannot tell you right now, be patient I said.
So that's about all for now. It's only 6.30pm and its very dark outside. Bring on summer is all I can say.